Artist Statement

I have a genuine passion for blending tangible reality with the digital world. I explore storytelling and human interaction on various platforms – from screen-based media to physical interfaces to spatial experience. I combine the virtual and the real world and I integrate traditional and digital materials. My design ideas are driven to bring human qualities to digital works – I cherish intuition, imagination, and the unseen emotions.

It has been fascinating and natural for me to associate different sensory experiences together. I hear colors and shapes in melodies, I see harmony and rhythm in shadows, and I feel texture and fluidity in the wind. Apart from my interest in visual art, I love piano, cello, and dance (Latin/Jazz/Contemporary). Through understanding, appreciating and interweaving these various artistic expressions, I have established my own aesthetic and developed unique ways to tell a story.

When I use technology in my works, it often plays the role of bridging tangible reality and imaginative worlds. In the Paper Theater interactive book series, I created an experimental platform which gives readers augmented animation layers when they explore the paper interface with their fingers. The intention behind the project was to keep the physicality and affordance of a paper book while using technology for a novel reading experience.

I explore the beauty of chance in the forms of generative art, inspired by natural phenomena – water glittering with sunlight, shadows under trees – that surround us in dynamic and subtle ways. Chance Encounter is my MFA thesis project at Parsons Design & Technology. It ties together this notion with human body expression. It also reveals the conceptual and artistic relationships between humans and the world.