Paper Theater  is a series of interactive books. Its experimental platform presents readers with augmented sound and animation layers when they explore the paper interface with their fingers. Along with the original book pages, readers are engaged by the additional dimensions of space and time provided by digital media. The interfaces were made of soft materials and paper engineering. The idea is to keep the physicality and affordance of a paper book while using technology for a novel reading experience.

Story: The Little Match Girl

I used pop-up designs and paper cuts to create a scene from the story. Bending a paper match will trigger an animation projection on the page.

Love Poetry: Love Sonnet 18, Shakespeare

The interactive mechanism was designed as a puzzle, which I though is similar to the form of poems in several ways. When a sentence is completed, a correspondent animation starts to play.


The concept is to show the flowing of time via sound, and also visualize the audio memory by projecting letter animations on the page. A switch will be turned on or off while the reader opens or closes the diary. When a user first opens the diary, it starts to record sound. The user tells their stories according to the topic given on the page. The user closes the diary, the voice recording will be stopped and saved. When the user reopens the diary later, the previous sound memory will be played, which then triggers animations of scattering letters projected on the blank page.